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First of all start Limewire. Choose Tools->Options from the menu bar:

Click on the "Speed" option and configure the relevant settings according to the limits of your current YF package.

After that, you have to add your YF settings to Limewire. Please follow these simple configuration steps.


1. Router configuration is very important for getting Limewire to work properly with Your-Freedom and for obtaining a fast connection. Select the 'Manual port forward' radio button. Then configure both ports (inbound port and router port) to one of the YF port numbers assigned to you (check out the Profile panel in the YF client when you are connected -- TotalFreedom only). If you haven't got any ports assigned choose "do nothing". Then, if you have ports assigned, configure a server port forward in the YF client's ports panel: use the same port number as in Limewire for both server port and local port, and set the host to "localhost".


2. Configure your proxy settings according to the image below:

After having applied all these settings, go to "File" section in the Limewire menu and select


"Disconnect" and then "Connect" so that Limewire can connect with Your-Freedom.


That's all. You're done.

Note: If you want to enjoy good connection rates, the Enhanced (or the Total) package is highly recommended.

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