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This page tells you about how to use Zattoo with Your Freedom. Zattoo is an online TV service. Please check out for details.

Zattoo is available in many countries but there is a catch: You may only watch the channels that are provided for the country your IP address is associated with, and it doesn't work if you Internet connection forces you to use a web proxy. With Your Freedom it's not your IP address that counts but our server's: this gives you access to the channels available in the UK, France and Germany. Once we've got servers with Spanish IPs, spanish channels will be available as well. Also, Your Freedom will tunnel through your web or socks proxy and make Zattoo work at all.

Please note that Zattoo is pretty bandwidth intensive; you'll need EnhancedFreedom to watch. Please use our "Try before you buy" offer to try it out and verify if there is enough bandwidth available where you are. Contact if you need assistance with this.


Zattoo does not provide any configuration options for a web or socks proxy, and it's surely not meant to be used through proxies either. We haven't managed to make it work with any socksifiers either (but this does not necessarily mean that it's not possible -- feel free to try).

Fortunately there is another way: OpenVPN mode. Please check out our OpenVPN mode pages, there is nothing Zattoo specific about this. We recommend that you use the UDP tunneling model (Ports panel), and if you've got the choice and you can connect to YF via UDP in your place, use UDP for connecting to the YF server as well (configuration window). However if you cannot use UDP mode, use HTTPS or HTTP mode if possible.

You'll need at least 600-700 kbit/s in UDP mode and 800 kbit/s in any other mode, so FreeFreedom and BasicFreedom won't be enough, you'll need EnhancedFreedom or TotalFreedom. Also, your Internet connection needs to be able to provide this much bandwidth between the YF client and the YF server; please use our "Try before you buy" offer to verify it's working well before you consider to buy a package or voucher carnet. Contact if you need assistance.

Why UDP mode? Simply because applications like Zattoo use UDP for their communications too. Their protocols can cope well with losing packets but they cannot cope with delays and hangs. If you use non-UDP modes with OpenVPN and the Your Freedom server connection, both OpenVPN and the YF client/server will always work around packet loss at the expense of timely delivery of packets. This is good for most applications but not for multimedia type applications.


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