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DNS mode performance

Seriously improved in new app version


New desktop client version

If you are using DNS mode, please update.


Database upgrade

Should finally solve issues seen in the last days.


  • North Korea, China and Iran added
  • In addition to Myanmar users, people from China, North Korea and Iran will also receive automatic "FreeFreedom2" packages that remove some of the restrictions that normally apply.

    We will continue to treat users in these countries special with regards to the FreeFreedom package: different from our normal offer, 10 simultaneous streams are possible and there is no time limit.

    Our intention is to help Internet users in these countries to obtain access to the Internet as a whole without censorship; we feel that those having the privilege of unrestricted access to information have an obligation to help those who haven't got it. Free access to information is a universal human right. Full-stop.

    We reserve the right to withdraw this free upgrade offer at any time without notice.

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