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PayPal payment problems solved

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  • IPv6 support

    Did you know that the Your Freedom client does now use IPv6 as well to connect to the server? It all happens automatically, you don't need to take care of anything. If your system supports IPv6 and has an IP address that looks like it could be routed on the Internet the client will try to use IPv6 if it cannot make a connection through IPv4.

    More admins than you think have configured their networks in a much more relaxed way with IPv6 than they have with IPv4. Unfortunately, virtually no proxy supports IPv6 though if yours does, the YF client will try to make use of it.

    Not all our servers support IPv6, simply because not all our providers do. Trust the connection wizard, it will do the job for you.

    Also, we are still struggling with Linux's inability to translate destination ports with IPv6. I don't know why some boneheads still advocate that all kinds of NAT are evil and IPv6 and NAT are like fire and water -- probably because they haven't understood that NAT does not necessarily mean IP address translation but socket address translation. We had to implement a workaround and it's necessarily not as proven yet as the rest of the system -- please bear with us if it's not always reliable yet (this will only affect IPv6 connections).


    Also, the YF client is now able to find CGI relays for you in case all other options are blocked. It's not a great way to connect but it's better than being locked out.


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