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Client version 20201130-01 faulty

Please update to 20201201-01


PayPal payment problems solved

And it was and is PayPal's fault


Trouble paying through Google?

You need to update the client app!


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  • New client 20041213-01 released
  • It's finally there! Client version 20041213-01 has been released as a Windows installer version. It contains all the latest fixes and improvements that so far have only been available in the Java version.

    The major fixes and improvements are:

    Many race conditions fixed, including the one that could lead to encryption failures. Rekeying should finally be stable now, so please enable encryption and rekeying now if you haven't done it yet! The performance impact is negligible.

    • Fixed SOCKS UDP problem that made UDP forwarding fail for many applications (those with lazy programmers).
    • Fixed a bug in the SOCKS emulation that would cause it to fail if the SOCKS request would not arrive in a single IP packet. D'oh!
    • Fixed silly bug that could cause connections to ports above 32767 to fail under some circumstances.
    • Completely reworked the way streams are processed to save on threads. This actually improved performance significantly! Both server and client use thread pools a lot now to reduce the overhead involved with thread creation and dismissal.
    • Improved alternative server usage (HTTPS only so far) and server reconnection.
    • If you enable automatic server selection, even a server shutdown should be worked around (you'll lose the active streams though).
    • Fixed reconnection problem in HTTP. Instable connections should no longer disrupt the session.
    • Fixed issue in profile panel that could trigger an exception under rare circumstances.
    • Made popup windows run in separate threads so they don't block the frontend until OK is clicked.
    • Better SOCKS debugging so we can detect misbehaving applications. Also properly remove such streams instead of leaving them in the "closed" state.
    • Made client slow it a bit if a server cannot accept connections at the moment instead of hammering it. No good anyway, it will only make the server more unavailable.
    • Added a feature that tunnels the HTTP connection to the YF server through a CGI script. This is still alpha code and there are no publicly available CGI servers available yet but the code is in and we already have announcement code in there so the client will be able to find the CGI proxy scripts. In case you are wondering, that's our response to admins that block our IPs. :-) Please be patient, once this is stable enough for beta testing we'll announce it, at present it is not.
    • Started to work on SIP/RTP proxying. Not functional so far, and please don't bug us about it yet. :-)


    The installer can be downloaded from the Download section. As always, if your admins think that you are too immature to decide which executables are safe and which are not, try replacing the ".exe" with ".txt" in the URL and rename the file after you've downloaded it.

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