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Client version 20201130-01 faulty

Please update to 20201201-01


PayPal payment problems solved

And it was and is PayPal's fault


Trouble paying through Google?

You need to update the client app!


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Your Freedom is now run by a new company.

Nicht angemeldet.

  • Version 20050211-01 released
  • VON: CB

    Once again, a new Windows Installer version has been released. Version 20050211-01 and we are getting closer to the official version 1.0 .... getting more and more stable.

    Here are the changes/fixes:

    Worked on NTLM code. It should work now (at least with HTTPS connection method), please try because I can't. Your reports to info@your-freedom.net are more than welcome, good or bad!

    • Added config param "header". Use as often as you like to add headers to the request sent to your proxy (example: "header User-Agent: None-Of-Your-Business 1.0". Headers are guaranteed to appear in the same order you've specified them, and you can use the same attribute multiple times.
    • Config file now parsed diferently to allow spaces in arguments. See CHANGES file if you are interested in this -- most people can ignore this, only of interest if you are working on the bare metal. Bottom line: spaces are now allowed in the proxy password.
    • Rekeying debugging removed, it's working perfectly well now SO PLEASE USE IT in your own interest! Future versions will probably come without the option to disable encryption... the performance impact is really negligible.
    • Performance improvements in many places.
    • Reduced memory wastage and fixed some memory leaks. Also fixed stupid mistake in streams code that could lead to streams not dying even when the session died.
    • Fixed keepalives in HTTPS mode.
    • Worked on UDP forwarding code to make it comply with RFC1928, even in the ridiculous places that just ignore the realities of networking. Also greatly improved performance. This is an important step in making RTP work (that's IP phones, folks! It's working in the lab...)
    • Fixed problems in the timeouter code. Still not satisfying though but a lot more stable.
    • Fixed "NoSuchElementException" that could occur under rare conditions.
    • French translation updated.
    • Portuguese translation added.
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