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Your Freedom is now run by a new company.


Login and payment problems

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YF back on Google Play

We have been able to resolve the issues with Google and YF is again available on Google Play. You ca...

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  • Too slow?
  • We've fixed several performance related issues in both server and client code. Please upgrade to client version 20070810-01 or later.


    Here are some further suggestions how you can speed up Your Freedom.


    I'm having high latency in a game I'm playing, what can I do?

    Enable round trip time measurements by configuring periodic measurements every 2000 milliseconds. Start the connection and play your game. If you encounter latency problems, check out the message log -- are the round trip times going up in spikes? If yes, fire up the task manager, locate the java/javaw/freedom process (the name depends on how you started it), then right-click on it and change the priority to "higher than normal" or "high". If that doesn't help, try another server. Try a different connection mode as well. Once you've figured out what's wrong, increase the round trip time measurement interval to 10000 or 20000, it will just eat bandwidth if you don't (though not much).


    I'm getting lots of messages about clock skew, what's wrong?

    Likely your system is very busy. It happens a lot with CPU greedy games. Try to increase the priority of the java/javaw/freedom process in task manager to "higher than normal", this should fix it. You really want to fix it because if clock skew is detected when there isn't any, it means that your connection will be hanging sporadically as well, resulting in latency and hangs in the game.

    If you don't know how to increase the priority, here's how. Fire up the task manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del). Click on the "Processes" tab. Click on "Name" to sort by name. Locate the process (it's called "freedom.exe" if you are using the big installer version, otherwise it's called "javaw.exe" or "java.exe"), right-click on it and choose "Set priority". Select "higher than normal" or "high". A window will pop up, asking you whether you are sure. Say "yes". Unfortunately you'll have to do this everytime you run Your Freedom.


    My connection is still slow or my game still has high latency, what else can I do?

    Set the minimum buffer size to 1500 (configuration window). The latest clients do this by default if you haven't configured it before but versions before 20070801-01 don't. Increasing the minimum buffer size from its default of 256 to 1500 will help those who are too far away from the Your Freedom server to trigger the automatic buffer resizing mechanism.



    Naturally, buying a package is another thing worth trying if you are hitting the limitations of the FreeFreedom package. Try what you could gain with a package with our Try Before You Buy offer, available on the Packages page.


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