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Hello R. Tayyip Erdoğan!

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OpenVPN mode users

Please read! You need to update.


Liberty Reserve

Service taken offline.


New voucher carnets

Shorter run-times, more choice, lower prices.


  • New client 20071009-02 released
  • We have just released a new client version, 20071009-02. At the same time, a new version of the server software has been activated on all servers. It changes the timing behavior back to pre-20071001-01 times, unless a check-box in the client called "flatten traffic bursts" is ticked (it is now ticked by default).


    What does that mean for you?


    Well, first of all, while most people benefit from burst flattening (improved download speeds), online game players may suffer somewhat from it. Burst flattening can introduce additional lag. If you have lag problems, give the new client a try and uncheck this option, it is on by default.


    If you are a downloader and you see worse download rates than just a few hours ago, get the new client and don't change the default configuration.


   Acceptable Use