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DNS mode performance

Seriously improved in new app version


New desktop client version

If you are using DNS mode, please update.


Database upgrade

Should finally solve issues seen in the last days.


  • New CGI Relay script version

    If you are providing a CGI Relay server to us, please update the script to the latest version. You can download the latest version of the enduring_freedom.php script from the https://www.your-freedom.net/ems-dist/ directory.

    The new version has support for POST mode as well as CGI mode. In the long term we will ditch support for CGI mode entirely. We will also stop giving bonus points for old versions of the script.

    The current version is 20101109-01. You can always find out your script's version if you append ?version to your query string. If there is no result, your script is outdated.


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