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Ongoing DDoS attack

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DNS problems

Service is restored now


Your Freedom and log4j

YF is not affected


New client version 20210618-01

Yes, please update.

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  • Database problems solved

    Dear customers,

    you have noticed that there was a problem the last two days. Authentication was sluggish, the web site was too, and package activation was rather unreliable and very slow too. This was caused by a database server outage following a power maintenance by the provider. After the power was restored, the server failed again after just one hour, and we were unable to get the provider's attention to the problem earlier. In fact we still have no idea why the server was unavailable nor why it is now again. Let's hope it stays this way.

    The second failure of the database may have caused some synchronization problems with created accounts and maybe as well with purchases. If this is the case, please contact support and provide payment details as weill as your account name, and they will sort it out.




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