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PayPal payment problems solved

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  • Yes, you can pay with your credit card!
  • We accept credit cards again; well, indirectly. Moneybookers offer a service by which you can transfer a deposit to your Moneybookers account (this could, for example, be done using a credit card, a check, or a bank transfer, and many other local forms of payment -- check out their list), and use this pre-paid deposit to pay for our packages (and other things as well of course). This service is very well protected against fraud for both merchant and buyer. The only drawback is that you need to verify your credit card with Moneybookers first, which will take up to one month. So hurry up and open your free Moneybookers account now!

    PayPal will probably accept your credit card as well, and you could also buy e-gold with your credit card and pay with it. Check out our "Prices" page for all the details!

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