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What is VTN?

VTN is short for Virtual Terminal Network. It is only available in Nigeria. You set up a virtual wallet, fill it with Nairas and make payments on the Internet from it.


How do I get started?

Visit VTN's registration page and create an account with them. This is entirely free. Then add funds to your account as described in VTN's FAQ. There are several ways to do this; you can deposit funds at any PHB bank branch or buy scratchcards there, or purchase ePin codes from resellers. We cannot help you with this step, please read VTN's FAQ and the explanations in the left hand side menu of your VTN account overview.


I've got funds in my VTN account now, what next?

Log in to our web page, click on ACCOUNT, make your selection and choose "VTN" as your payment method, then click PROCEED.

Paying through VTN is free of charge for the client, the merchant will pay all transaction fees.


Common mistakes

People sometimes pay funds into our VTN account instead of their own; do not do this. You need your own account and pay into it, then transfer the funds to our account.

Do not use the send funds function in the VTN web page to pay us; if you do not initiate the transfer through our web page there will be processing delays. If you initiate the transfer through our web page everything will work out automatically and you will receive your purchase within seconds.


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