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Support for iOS devices - or lack thereof

Unfortunately, we cannot yet offer a client app for iOS based devices such as the iPhone or the iPad. This means that all the nifty things that make Your Freedom special will not yet work on these devices. We would of course love to be able to provide an iOS client app (and we are in fact already developing it; it works nicely in the lab), but this won't happen soon due to Apple's somewhat erratic choices on what extensions may do and what not. Sorry.

However, if all you need is an IP address from another country, you can use our service through PPTP, a standard VPN protocol built into iOS. Please refer to the PPTP page to learn about this option. All you need to configure is the server name, your username and your password, everything else can be left at its default setting. You must, however, use explicit server names (or IPs) as described on this page, the functional names (* will not work due to a weirdness in the way iOS sets up PPTP connections.



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