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Niet ingelogd.

Thanks to TEN, who wrote this HOWTO!

That makes it a great Client to use.

Download and Install the latest version of BitSpirit.

Installing BitSpirit.

Launch BitSpirit - a wizard should appear. click next

  • Select your internet connection type
  • Choose the max in and out bound connections
    [files downloading/uploading at a time]
  • Choose the max up and download speed

Leave everything else how it is;

The NAT and random port boxes should NOT be checked and port for TCP Bind: 16881

This is what it should look like:


Click Next when done.

UPNP Support: 

You do not need to changes any of these settings unless your IP is a LAN IP.

Click Next.

hoose default paths for downloads to be saved in:

Choose a folder for your downloads to go or just leave the default folder.

Leave everything else blank. Click Next.

BitSpirit Extensions:

This is just for your preference. Leave it how it is.

Click Next.

Tell BitSpirit Your preferred nickname:

Created a name by which you will be identified on BitSpirit.

Click Next and Finish the Wizard.

Configuring BitSpirit:

Navigate to Options << Preferences. Click on the Advanced tab.

  • Check the box "Let the Proxy to resolve host name."
  • Type: Socks5
  • Server: localhost
  • Port: 1080 [unless you have choosen a different one in Your Freedom]

Leave all the other default settings.

Here is a picture of what it should look like.

  • Get TCP-Bind Address Automatically
  • Disable TCP Listening Service
  • The default port 16881 is fine.

Leave everything else as is. Again a picture:

And you're done. Happy downloading.

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