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Email Support

Our support team may be contacted via email only -- please do not call, we will not answer questions on the phone unless the initial contact has been made via email and further discussion is necessary (in which case we would ask you to call us, or we would call you). We simply do not have the man power for telephone support!

Send your questions, comments, requests etc. to In most cases you should receive an answer within one or two business days, but please be patient if not -- there are busy periods, and some questions may simply be more difficult to answer than others.

Please write your email in either English or German (other languages support is best effort only -- we might have to reply in English). We aim at providing support in more languages in the future but right now these are the only languages we can deal with. While we can somewhat read many other European languages as well, we are unable to answer in them, and we are completely lost if you write in Chinese or Arabic -- sorry about that. Also, please ensure that you can receive our reply (coming from -- you may have to disable your SPAM filter or configure an exception.

If you just want to get in touch with us, write to



The golden rules of requesting support

  1. Check the documentation and FAQ first. It can't hurt to have a look at the forums either if you've got a question.
  2. Write once. Do not write several times. Ensure you've got an automated reply within two hours. Only if you do not get a reply, please write again. Hotmail/Live and Yahoo are mail eaters.
  3. Make sure you keep the tag in the subject line for all subsequent requests regarding the same issue. But if you've got something new to discuss with us, do not use an old tag, use none to create a new ticket instead.
  4. Write to only one email address. Do not Cc other addresses or work is duplicated, and this slows down the support process. Choose the right one. In most cases "" will be correct, use this one if in doubt. Other addresses are "" (if you are requesting a refund ONLY), "" (if you are reporting abusive behavior by one of our users ONLY), "" (if you need to receive a German language reply) and "" (for Spanish language replies).
  5. Ensure you use a meaningful subject. Here are some good examples:
    • Please re-enable my account "xxxxx"
    • Need help with application "foobar"
    • pls activate my account "jffhgg"
    And here are some bad examples:
    • HELP!
    • Not working
    • WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!
  6. Send your email from the same email address you have registered with us, if possible. Tickets that confirm to this get higher priority! We also prioritize tickets from paying customers.
  7. Make sure you include enough information. Unless you are only requesting very general information you should at least include your user name. Do NOT include your password. It often helps if you tell us the version number of the YF client you are using, and whether it's the large or small installer version. If you are having problems connecting, tell us where you are and how you connect to the Internet. Try several servers and tell us if the problem is with a particular server (which one?) or general. Check the message log and tell us what you see. Save as file and attach if symptoms of the problem you have seem to be illustrated in it. If you think it helps, add a screen shot. If you are writing about a payment, please include all details you have about it: payment provider, your account number or name with the payment provider, transaction number if you have it, and when you've made the payment -- just attach the provider's payment confirmation email if you have one!
  8. Try to make your request easy to read and pleasant for the eyes. I am not talking about writing perfect English -- it is of course appreciated, but we do not frown on you just because you cannot express yourself well in English. I am talking of heavy use of slang, "c00l speling", abusive language, missing structure (sentences!), and people writing novels instead of support requests. Please guys: if in doubt use short and precise language, it is not necessary to use extensive courteous formulations. No need for "sir" either, a heartily "hi" is enough. :-) If your account got disabled, please tell us what you were doing when it happened -- don't be afraid, we only use such information to better understand why some protection mechanism might have gone off in error.
  9. Be honest, we won't kill you for it. If you were watching porn please tell us the site name, it really helps because if we know we can white-list it and it won't happen again! (Pages with heavy media content will produce a similar connection timing pattern as HTTP spamming, and that is what got you blocked, not the page content. We don't care what you look at!)
  10. Read your request from the point of view of someone dealing with it. If you were on the receiving end, would you like to work on it? Or would you leave it for your colleagues? :-) If you have several unrelated issues, please open a separate ticket for each (by writing separate emails).
  11. If you are writing about a complicated issue, please allow for some processing time. Some things simply take a bit of thinking or can only be dealt with by one individual who is busy!

We appreciate very much if you try to play as much by these rules as possible. If everyone did, the support queue would surely be shorter and everyone would be served more quickly.


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