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Ukash is a way to pay cash on the Internet. You buy vouchers in stores, at filling stations, from ATMs or on Ukash's web site and use them pretty much like bank notes on merchant's web sites. The merchant passes your voucher to Ukash along with the item price and receives a change voucher for the difference, which he passes on to the customer. All along this process the merchant never knows who the customer is.

Just visit Ukash's web site to learn more about Ukash and where you can get it. It is available in many European countries but also in Australia and New Zealand; your next sales point is probably just a footwalk away. Be careful in South Africa though: vouchers issued in ZAR seemingly don't automatically convert into other currencies and consequently aren't much good on most web sites, including ours. Please comment to Ukash, not us, about this -- we cannot do anything about it.



I am getting a "400 currency conversion failed" error!

Our Ukash account is set up to accept vouchers in all currencies and convert their value to our base currency (which is EUR). But some vouchers simply aren't convertible. Ukash doesn't tell aloud but for example vouchers in ZAR (South-African Rand) aren't. You cannot use these to pay us. Please contact Ukash about this.


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