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Your Freedom on Smartphones

Unfortunately, this is a very short story. So far, exactly one smartphone is known to be able to run Your Freedom: the Nokia N900. If you own this phantastic phone (really an understatement -- it is a full-blown PC), use the link further down on the page please and enjoy!

We are working on support for Android based devices, but please don't expect anything soon. I hope it will be in 2012 but I won't name the quarter. If you only need to masquerade your country of origin, you can use PPTP.

To make it very clear, we will NOT support the iPhone. This is mostly for technical reasons, the iPhone is entirely unable to run Java and we would have to port the entire code for it. While this would be feasible given the number of potential customers, we feel that it is economically risky to submit to Apple's mercy (and make them even more rich nevertheless). Plus, we believe that code like YF would only run on a jailbroken iPhone and we can't safely assume that a significant number of our customers is willing to do that.

So, if you need YF on a mobile phone now, your only option is the N900 -- or PPTP. If you need it in the future, buy an Android based phone.


Supported phones

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