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Run YF in a standalone directory without installation

Your Freedom can run on Windows PCs without being somehow "properly" installed. All you need to build a version that just runs in a directory on an USB stick or the desktop or whereever is one PC that has a "real" installation.

Let's assume that you have one PC with a "full" installation on it. This installation resides in either "C:\Program Files\Your Freedom" or "C:\Program Files (x86)\Your Freedom". Since YF does not need to put anything in the Windows registry, all you need to do is clone this directory.

So, you'll end up with a "Your Freedom" directory on an USB stick or your desktop or whereever you choose to have it. Basically that's all you need -- there is a "freedom.exe" file in it, and if you double-click it, it will run. This is not perfect though -- YF will still put the config file in your %APPDATA% directory structure, i.e. on the local disk, and you probably don't want that. The solution to this problem is to create a batch file and add a command line parameter.

Right-click in the directory, choose "new text document". In the editor, type

freedom.exe --configfile=yf.cfg

Simple as that. Be careful though... that's two dashes, not one. Now rename the .txt file to make it end in .bat. Call it "yf.bat" for example -- it doesn't really matter. Same with yf.cfg -- feel free to use whatever name you like. Even the ending is not important, it could as well be .txt instead of .cfg.

This still isn't perfect yet but sufficient if you don't use OpenVPN mode. If you run in OpenVPN mode, there will still be traces on the local disk. To get rid of them, create the yf.cfg file (same way... create it as yf.txt first, then rename to yf.cfg later) and add a line "openvpn_tmp .". That's right... don't miss the space and the dot at the end. If the file is still empty, don't worry... YF will fill in the rest. And if you need OpenVPN mode and it isn't installed on your PC, copy it to your stick the same way and add a line similar to "openvpn_path ..\OpenVPN\bin\openvpn.exe" or whatever points to it from the YF directory. The two dots ".." will take you one level up from the current directory, but you can of course copy the OpenVPN stuff into the Your Freedom directory and save having to go one level up.

Now each time you want to start YF, use the batch file instead of the executable. Remember that for OpenVPN mode to work you still need admin permissions and run the batch file as administrator.


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